Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Never Thought...

I haven't done one of these in awhile. Here it goes.


I never thought...

I'd ever eat poutine (a Canadian dish) on a tropical island in the South Pacific. I was introduced to poutine back in 2008 right outside of Moncton, New Brunswick. Canadians know the way straight to this girl's heart - take some french fries, drizzle some gravy on top and add some cheese. Ohsweetjesusisthisdishdelicious. So I was beyond excited to find out that a local restaurant (owned by two of the friendliest Canadians you will ever meet) makes poutine. New favorite place to eat? I think so.

I'd ever contract a leg infection that made it so that it hurt to walk. A couple of weeks ago I was bitten by a mosquito before I went to bed. Apparently in the middle of the night I went to town itching my leg only to wake up in the morning with a huge gash on my lower left calf. Because of the humidity, the gash turned into a huge hole and things started to swell up. Knowing that swelling and redness indicates infection, I quickly contacted the doctor who put me on a strong antibiotic. Two weeks later, I'm doing a lot better and I have a pretty rad scar. Guess my leg modeling days are over. Derp.

I'd ever switch my sheets once every four days. You already know it's hot here. I don't need to tell you that. Hot + sleeping = a sweaty mess. So I switch my sheets every four days. Maybe a little excessive, but damp sheets are zero fun and result in zero sleep so there you have it.

I'd spend 4 hours serving kava. This happened a few weeks ago. A few of the men asked if I was interested in serving kava and I guess word got out that the palangi (white person) was going to be serving because when I showed up there were not just the five men I thought were going to be there, but over 40. I think every male in the village showed up. Friday night - just me and the guys. By the end of the night I had 3 marriage proposals and many of the men thanked me and said that I was "just like a Tongan woman" - laughing and being sassy to all the men. And guess what? I spoke Tongan the whole time. I didn't even know I had bilingual sassy pants.

What's something you did this week that you never thought you would do?

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  1. I never thought I'd be chasing raccoons up a tree in the middle of Urban Hell.

    I also thought I'd never be eating smoked meats from our own smoker...or that I'd ever make coleslaw. Oh, or that I'd ever not want to go out for a drive, just because.

    I hate driving out here. It gets me all stressed out and white-knuckled.