Thursday, March 28, 2013

Live a Big Life

Every week when I get online my first stop is this website.

If you've never heard of Tiny Buddha before, man, it's life changing. Somehow their weekly posts always speak to my life in the Peace Corps and probably would have spoken to my non-Peace Corps life too. I wish I would have found this little piece of heaven on the internet sooner. I copy-paste all of their posts into a word document and then read them slowly throughout the week since I don't have consistent internet access here in the South Pacific. I wanted to share with you my favorite part from the article and encourage you to check out Tiny Buddha and Alexandra Hope Flood. Enjoy.



“The journey is the reward.” ~Chinese Proverb

We've probably all heard this famous piece of wisdom at one time or another. I'll be honest, there were a few years where I just plain blew it off. Like, "Yeah, yeah, journey, reward, I got it. Cool. Now, when is my ship coming in?" Not that I was greedy. Just impatient to arrive at a place called Made It. It seemed that other people were already there and I was eager to join them. I had seen the brochure for Made It and I knew then and there, it was my kind of place. The trick about getting to Made It is that there wasn't a singular map. You're supposed to make you own. In my case, my map started with, "First, take a hard right at Work Really Hard. Then, follow this for about three to five years. There won't be any signs, but if you see exits to places called Partyville and Cul-de-lack-of-Discipline, whatever you do, don't get off there. Keep your eyes on the road, stay awake and eventually, you'll arrive at your destination."

Once I'd sussed out my map, I thought it would be a short trip, relatively speaking since I had packed properly. In my duffle I had: my unique brand of fulfilling creative expression, plenty of determination (roll-on), focus (with back-up laser), integrity (large-ruled), networking ability (with stationary for thank you notes), and extra socks (tenacity can make you perspire). Oh and sunscreen, because I burn easily and it's super sunny in Made It.

Isn't her writing great? It's like a big warm chocolate chip cookie for the heart.

Do freshly baked chocolate chip cookies not sound totally amazing right about now? I don't even care that it's a bajillion and one degrees outside. Gimmecookies.

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