Friday, December 7, 2012

Tongan Cooking 101: Mei Fruit Chips

Today was the last day of school and only ten students showed up. Not much was going on so by 10 am there were only 4 left. There is a giant tree in the school yard that produces mei fruit (seen below). The tree is huge and sprawling and reminds me of something you might find a a Roal Dahl book. The boys picked the best, most ripe, mei fruit and brought it over. We then went to work making mei fruit chips.


They asked for a tin can. Then they cut it apart and used it to scrape the skin off of the mei fruit.


This was quite the task. It's not easy scraping all the skin off. Takes a lot of elbow grease.


Once the skin is off you cut up the meat of the fruit. The consistency is sort of spongey - like bread almost. And in Tongan "mei" translates to bread so that makes sense.


Then put some oil in a pan and heat it up. Slice up the mei fruit pretty thin and fry it (fakapaku style).


Wait until it gets nice and brown.


Then make sure the excess oil is off and put on a plate to cool.


Serve with salt and ketchup. Enjoy!

They taste like french fries!

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