Monday, December 10, 2012

Exploring the Tide Flats.

I live near the ocean. You already know this.

I have never lived this close to the ocean before so this means that I have to pay attention to things that I never have before.

Like the tide.

High tide, low tide, tide flats,... so many terms.

The last couple days I have been paying particular attention to when low tide is because near my village there are some pretty amazing tide flats to walk on.

What is a tide flat?

I'm glad you asked. A tide flat is a place you can walk - sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky - during low tide. When the water is out, there is so much exploring to do! Today I saw blue starfish, sea cucumbers, and caves. I crossed a lagoon and nearly slipped and fell over a dozen times. I didn't see any stonefish - which is a good thing as they are deadly poisonous and I wouldn't be writing this now if I would have stepped on one.








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  1. When low tide hits in the bay, I see all the crab traps near the shore. I thought someone had dumped 100 shopping carts in the bay at first.