Friday, September 21, 2012

Home Tour in Fatumu

I may have mentioned that I live in the village of Fatumu.
Located on the eastern portion of the main island (Tongatapu), Fatumu is home to 5 churches, 4 falekoloas (stores), 2,341 puaka (pigs) and just as many dogs. It is also home to Una, my homestay mother.

I am very lucky to have such a nice play to call my home for the next two months.
I appreciate the running water and electricity because I am fully aware that I may not have these things when I get to post.
Here are some images of life in Fatumu:

Ok, obviously this isn't a picture of a house, but I do have a love of pigs. So this is your obligatory pig picture. I'm sure it won't be the only one. Get use to it.

This is the view behind the house. The underground oven ('umu) is right next to this area. 

This is the area where dinner is sometimes made. 

 Here is the kitchen. The central hub to all social activity in Una's home. 

  The living room. This is where Una's grandparents spend most of their time.

 A view from the kitchen (looking out to the yard). 

 These are the little guys I feed my leftovers too. I really want to adopt one, but the attitude towards dogs in Tonga is very different from that in America. They are viewed more like rats than anything else here.

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