Friday, September 21, 2012

Day in the Life of a PST

The day to day activities in my life are going to look pretty much the same for the next month and a half, so I thought that I would let you know what an average day in the life of a PST in Tonga looks like.

6:30am - Wake up
7:15am - Meet Mark and Alissa to go running out in the 'uta (bush).
8:00am - Shower, get dressed and go into the kitchen. Eat my normal Tongan breakfast that might consist of some or all of the following: 4 texas toast sized peanut butter sandwiches, chunks of root crop (sweet potatoes, yams, etc.), 5 hotdogs and a bowl of ramen.
9:00am - Language school. Learn how to speak Tongan - right now it really looks like I'm learning Tonglish. Trying to throw Tongan words into English sentences so that my host family has some sort of idea of what I'm trying to ask.
12:00pm - Get picked up by the Peace Corps van and head to Ha'asini (which is two villages over).
12:30pm - Eat the lunch Una packed for me. Last week I had spaghetti sandwiches! 6 of them! (Don't worry - I didn't eat all of them, Mom).
1:30pm - TEFL/Safety/Medical/Cultural Training. It looks pretty different day-to-day, but includes everything that is not the language that I need to learn.
4:30pm - Catch the van back to Fatumu or walk home.
6:00pm - Dinner with the family. Practice Tongan with them. Talk about our day. Maybe eva pe (walk around) the village.
7:30pm - Get ready for bed/read/journal
9:00pm - Sleeps.

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