Sunday, October 21, 2012

Now what?

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Friday was a big day for everyone in Group 77 - Tonga. Along with our site placements, we received a lot of information about our new jobs. So what exactly will I be doing for the next 2 years, aside from fully integrating myself into my Tongan community? Here are 4 interesting bits that will give you a clearer idea of what the plan is:

1. teaching english - My primary project in Peace Corps is to teach English to students. 10-15 hours per week I will be in a classroom working with students 7-11 years of age. At the end of their Class 6 year, they take a mandatory English exam that determines which secondary school they will be accepted into.

2. teaching technology - I have heard a rumor that the Lelei GPS is one of the first schools in Tonga to pilate a certain technology project (I'll fill you in when I have more details). I have a love of technology that I am hoping will translate into the classroom and to my students.

3. teacher Development - My professional goals (including what I plan on doing after Peace Corps) include teacher development. The Country Director and Program Manager for Peace Corps Tonga told me that the Ministry of Education is really excited to have me volunteer with the Teacher Development Unit, providing and helping to develop teacher resources for the entire country of Tonga, especially to the Vava'u Island Group.

4. promoting healthy lifestyles - A secondary project that Peace Corps wants us to focus on is creating/encouraging anything that promotes healthy lifestyles. Since root crops and red meat make up the majority of meals here in Tonga, this should be quite an interesting task. If you have any ideas, let me know.

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