Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mail? I love mail!


I really appreciate any of you who have already sent me mail (I just received your letter today, Ginny!). Know that I read every piece - sometimes 3, 4 or 10 times - and that I have a special place for them. I promise to respond to every piece of mail. The mail in the South Pacific is a little slow at times so don't expect anything for at least a couple of months after you sent it - it takes a month to get to me and a month for my letters to get sent. Some of you have asked for my updated address now that I am moving, so here it is:

Amanda Pederson, PCV

Peace Corps Tonga

PO Box 136



Kingdom of Tonga

South Pacific*

*This is extremely important as occasionally our letters have been sent to Togo.

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  1. Oh good...a way to send you fun things :) You know, like Christmas lights and candy!