Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Weekend in Fatumu

Franny was bummed that she couldn't come to church with me today. But she and I are in a fight so I didn't really care. Girlfriend can't keep clean - I've bathed her with my lavender shampoo at least 3 times and I come home and it smells like she has been eating poop. She's not allowed in the house anymore because of her stinkiness. If I don't have her next to me all the time she cries and cries and cries. It sounds like she is being tortured. Is this what having kids is like? Because if so, I'm not sure I'm ready for that business quite yet. Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Last week I was asked to read in church. I accepted since I knew today would be my last Sunday in Fatumu. Una Lahi was so excited that she told me she would make me a dress for the special event. Mark, Alissa and I each did a reading and then Mark made a beautiful speech about how thankful we are for the kindness we have been shown during our stay in Fatumu. Here is a shot of me before the humidity set in.


Since it was a special occasion, instead of the kiekie, I wore a taovala (a decorative mat made of different types of grasses).


After the service, we had pictures taken. Una Lahi made Sala (the 7-year-old) and I matching dresses. My language teacher Tulu is on the far right of this picture. Lepolo is holding Jeremiah.


Here are both host families.


Here is Tiani, Una Lahi, Sala and I.


This is a picture of the puleako (principal), Alissa, Mark and I. We taught at his school this past week. IMG_8858.JPG

This is a sweet little village girl who really wanted her picture taken with me. Sala came too.


Jeremiah and I. He looks pretty pumped to be seen with me. Can't you tell?


We then walked across the street for more pictures. This is in front of Una Lahi and Tiani's house. Check out Tiani's tie. He told me he wore it especially for me.


After church we ate chop suey (my favorite), ota ika (raw fish - my 2nd favorite) and lots of root crops. Then we washed everything down with some Tongan ice cream! Ifo!

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