Friday, October 26, 2012

A Week in Photos

Here are a few pictures from this week - a little TEFL Training, some time in the classroom and a bit of playtime with Franny. This was our last official week of Pre-Service Training. Next Wednesday I will fly to Vava'u to visit my site for the very first time and then return to Nuku'alofa at the end of the week to prepare for the Swearing-In Ceremony the following Friday (November 9th). We're almost there!

IMG_3053.jpg IMG_3055.jpg IMG_3178.jpg IMG_3183.jpgIMG_8478.JPG IMG_8481.jpg IMG_8487.jpgIMG_8486.JPG

IMG_8488.JPG IMG_8709.jpg  IMG_8717.jpg IMG_8776.JPG

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