Saturday, May 3, 2014

[virtual] coffee date + currently

Here's a look into my world lately.


spending my time: teaching English, reading, spending time with my neighbors, directing Camp GLOW for the second year in a row, teaching piano lessons, working with Tonga Voyaging Society, getting back into yoga, and working with the Vava'u Public Library (I'm their new chair person!). 
This is my PCV friend Katie's cat. His name is Niu (coconut in Tongan).
eating: Things that are green! Lately the market seems to have exploded with all things green - oh goodness is this lovely. I was even able to buy a head of lettuce - LETTUCE - salads for everyone!!

smiling about: my students and how sweet and interested they are! The other day one of the oldest boys at school and his little brother came to my door just to tell me how pretty I was (ha! i still had sleep in my eyes and was not even close to ready for school). What a great way to start the day. They are also hilarious, too. I love how humor can transcend cultural and language barriers. 
Mornings at school.
thankful for: The symptoms of the Chikungunya virus have pretty much left my system (aside from the joint paint which seems to move around my body depending on the day). Also, I'm super thankful that people are starting to send postcards for our postcard project! My students are SO excited to get them and learn where in the world they came from! (If you're interested in sending one just click the "keep in touch" button up top and send one to the address listed!)
Postcards from Spain, Tennessee and the Phillipines! So cool!
listening to: Slow Dance by John Legend. His voice is so sultry and I think is like a really good piece of dark chocolate, but for the ears. ...Tonight I wanna dance... 

contemplating: how we're going to improve on Camp GLOW and GROW this year. Last year was definitely a success but there is always room for improvement and there are definitely elements of last year's camp that I want to change. 

excited for: the change in weather. I cannot tell you how lovely 74 degrees feels after months of ohmygoodnessisitwarm outside.
Do you see the rainbow? The weather was great this week!

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