Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sapate Fa'e + Church

 Nearly every Sunday you can find me here. It's the tiny Wesleyan Church in my village and is full of some of the most delightful people (and singing) I've come across during my time in Tonga.
 Today was an extra special day in church. It was Sapate Fa'e (Mother's Sunday) so we spent the majority of the service celebrating God, Jesus and Moms. 
The mothers of the congregation shared the responsibility of reading the hymns, preaching (notice the pulpit), and reading scripture.
 I spent the better part of the time trying to translate the hymnal (which is what I normally do every Sunday). Also it's hard to sing music when there are no musical notes to tell you where you should be. So I make up the melody most of the time.
 These ladies don't. They have the hymnal memorized. It was a great day celebrating them and gifting them with candy necklaces.
 And as always, Mele (whose name was just changed last week to Marie) and I hung out.
She held my hand for a good part of the service too.
 And when her grandmother got up to be recognized on Sapate Fa'e she stole her fan and fanned me with it. Ha.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! You're wonderful!

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