Friday, May 23, 2014

There was that one time...

...I received 10 postcards in the mail!
What a great day! About a week ago I stopped by the Post Office and picked up heaps of postcards for my students. We spent a lot of class time on Monday finding all the different places on the globe where the postcards travelled from. Special thanks to Dick and Ruth who sent many from their Baltic Sea trip! Thanks for thinking of us! Side note: If you're still interested in sending a postcard or two click the link above for more information! 
What wonderful mail!

...that I led aerobics in front of 1,000+ kids!
Two Mondays ago the Ministry of Education called up the principal at my school and told her that they were coming to pick up me and another teacher. 20 minutes later a white van pulled up and I was asked to jump inside. We then journeyed to ten different schools over the next two days teaching students and teachers an aerobics dance that we will present for the King at his birthday celebration in July. One of the Ministry officials said that I was voted their honorary Minister of Aerobics. Haha. Then I found out that every Friday every student from the entire island (1000+ kids) will be coming together to practice the aerobics dance. So last Friday we all bussed into town in the rain and I was asked to stand on a table in front of everyone so they could watch how to arobici (pronounced: air-o-bee-kee). It was a moment I will never forget.
Can you find me? I'm in blue!

...spent a Saturday on a sailboat. 
One of my fellow PCV's Harrison had his wonderful aunt visit from the States. He wanted to take her on an adventure so he asked if any of us would be interested in going on a day sail. I happily agreed to go. It was an amazing Saturday.
Abby and I enjoying the weather and the waves.

...adventured to an outer village to spend some quality time with other Peace Corps Volunteers.
Ryan and Abby (two of the PCVs in my group) happily hosted a few of us in their cute little outer village last night. We spent time down by the ocean, chatting, and swimming in Vava'u's only fresh water lake. (There was even a pine tree next to it and it reminded me of Wisconsin!). It was a great way to spend the weekend and I'm so thankful to them for hosting.
Jeff, me, Harrison hanging out next to the South Pacific Ocean.

...learned to hula dance and performed it in front of a whole restaurant!
For close to the last 3 months I have been taking weekly hula dance lessons with some fellow volunteers. We are taught by a lady that was born and grew up in Hawaii. It's been really great to learn even more about Polynesian culture and get the opportunity to learn how to sway my non-existent hips. There were many laughs and a lot of hibiscus flowers. Performance #2 will be next month!
Kat (Australian Volunteer), Misaki (Japanese Volunteer), Miwa (Japanese Volunteer), me, Amy (Australian Volunteer) and Chloe (Australian Volunteer).

Hope the last two weeks were filled with fun for you too!

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