Saturday, May 10, 2014


Yesterday (Saturday, May 10) Joey, Harrison and I were able to get together with our campers and counselors from Camp GLOW/GROW 2013 for a morning full of fun and learning.
We began the morning with an ice breaker activity and just spent time reconnecting with the campers since it's been 5 months since we've seen them at camp! Time flies!
Next was an activity where they looked at how they had applied what they learned at camp (under the headings: healthy lifestyles, goal setting, leadership, and school/jobs). They were able to discuss what they had done since camp using what they learned and where they hoped to go with the new information.

We invited a local guest speaker to lead a session that covered goal setting and community involvement. 

'Alaipuke has been such a blessing to work with the last 2 years. His passion for Tonga and for working with youth is inspiring. He had the kids involved and excited about their futures!
The morning was wonderful. At one point 'Alaipuke spoke to the students about how proud he was of them and that they are continuing to work on building these skills well after camp. Commenting on the success of the students and the morning he said,
"It's really something. You have a vision. It's amazing to see these young people are working on their values and vision so they can be good citizens of Vava'u [our island group] and the world."

The morning concluded with lunch (delicious local fare provided by one of the counselor's parents!) and some hanging out.

Next up for Camp GLOW/GROW? Preparing for camp in September, finalizing funding, fundraising, curriculum development, an action plan for the current campers and ways for Camp GROW/GLOW alumni to get involved. I'm so excited! 

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