Monday, March 3, 2014

Postcard Project


It's a bright and sunny Tuesday morning in the South Pacific. My students are busy singing songs, listening and telling stories and engaging in other fun activities that promote English learning!
I'm realizing how much they already know about this little island nation and how much more I want to teach them about other parts of the world. They love hearing stories about America and New Zealand. Pictures and postcards are especially awesome! It's so much fun to run over to the globe and find where the postcard journeyed from (even if our globe is as old as I am). So I'm asking for your help. Would you consider sending a postcard to the following address:

Mandy Pederson, PCV
PO Box 136
South Pacific

I know my students would love to hear from different people throughout the world. And if you include your return address we promise to send you a little Tongan love back!

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