Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thor's Stomach

A declaration: I will have a stomach like Thor’s when I’m finished with Peace Corps. Groovy. That rhymed. Well, it rhymed if you say Peace Corps like Peace Cores. FYI: This is the way Tongans say it.

I’m not talking about a six-pack (though yoga is helping me actually develop some core strength -- booyah), but an inside that will rival the strength of a certain hammer-throwing Norske cutie. I mean, it only makes sense since I have a little Norwegian ancestry.

I used to eat dirt as a kid. Don’t roll your eyes. I’m sure you did too but just can’t remember. I attribute my affinity for dirt to the fact that I don’t have seasonal allergies and prior to Peace Corps I had an immune system that was pretty rockin’ [translation: In my B.P.C. days, I very rarely got sick…even after being an elementary school teacher for 7 years. Since moving to Tonga? Meh. A different story.]

But when you move to a different part of the world, you are inevitably introduced to a bevy of foreign germs and viruses. And I encountered a beast-of-a-germ this past week. Stomach issues are the worst when you don’t have someone around to take care of you and make you soup. Sleep works well though.

Oh well, I’m better now and ready to rock the rest of this week. This motion-sickness-prone girl is going to test her stomach again when she learns all about deep-sea fishing on Saturday. Mahi-mahi beware!

FYI: Mahi-mahi also means sour underwear in Tongan. This was not the Mahi-mahi I was referring to. This is.

What fun things do you have planned for the weekend?

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