Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shopping at the Market.

I shop at Whole Foods the market in Neiafu for all of my fruits and veggies.
There is something so special (and fun!) about going to a market to buy your produce.
Getting the chance to explore all your options, never knowing what's going to be there, running into people from your village. It's all good.
Getting to talk to the women who helped grow the lettuce and green peppers you will eat, laughing with the women who collected the eggs that you will make your breakfast creations from. It's always a good time in Neiafu.
Here in the South Pacific we are in the midst of an orange season. But other fruits are plentiful too (coconuts, melon, papaya, bananas, sour sop).
At this point I have probably eaten my weight in baby oranges (moli are their names here). 
They are 'ifo 'aupito! (so very delicious!). 
But there are other things you can get at the market, too.
Some weeks the vegetables are plentiful.

Some weeks the melons seem to out number the people on the island.
And other weeks there isn't much of a selection.
It's always an adventure shopping at the market. And the scenery isn't too bad either. It's located just feet from the warf and overlooks the Port of Refuge (the water!).
P.S. I'm super excited this week because I scored some lettuce which means that I will be able to make salads! You have no idea how happy I am about this.

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