Sunday, August 11, 2013

Agriculture Fair [2]

Like I talked about in the last post, this past Saturday I ventured to the Vava'u Agriculture Fair. Each village throughout the main island (and the surrounding ones!) had a booth along with any local business or organization who wanted to make their presence known. Birds of Paradise flowers were woven around the tents, mulberry bark ta'ovalas lined the floors, giant ufi (yam) plants leaned against coconut trees and people fellow-shipped with each other.
Even the fish had time to hang out. (Side note: I love how the center fish in this picture looks like he's straight up smiling at the camera) 
There were people who dressed up... This girl is wearing a traditional puletaha (dress), ta'ovala (grass mat), kafa (braided belt), and kahoa (necklace made from live flowers).
 ...and there were others who dressed up. I gotta get me a hat like this one.
These mats were especially beautiful. The bright colors are actually individual strands of yarn that have been woven together through the mulberry bark to look like embroidery.

There was so much goodness at the Agriculture Fair!

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