Saturday, August 10, 2013

Agriculture Fair [1]

 Saturday was a big day in Vava'u. For the first time in five years the Vava'u Agriculture Fair was put on. In many ways the fair reminded me of my childhood summer days spent at the Dane County Fair. 1997 was a good year for me at the DCF. I won an Award of Merit for an oil painting of a sunflower. Highfiveself!
Alright, back to Vava'u.
Activities, Animals, Food. Awards were presented for the most good looking root crop, the largest pumpkin, the best kava, the best vanilla. Food was plentiful. Handicrafts were too. I worked with the Vava'u Tourist Association for a few hours and painted the faces of many smiling Tongan children (and a few adults, too!).
Oh yes. And there were fish. Which makes a little bit of sense since we are surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean. This guy was especially large and especially funny-looking. 
There was a lot of sitting throughout the day. There was a lot of praying, singing, listening, and praying... and more praying. There was a special presentation for a special guest who came in on a ferry on Friday. The special guest was...
The King. 
You read that right.
King Tupou VI (Sixth).
He and his team of security guards walked around to every booth. He seemed like a really friendly guy and even smiled at me when he passed me.

I will be back soon with more from the Agriculture Fair.

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