Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Virtual] Coffee Date

When I was in New Zealand someone asked me what I wanted more than anything.
My answer? A take-away cup of coffee.

Maybe that goes against my inner-hippie (use a reusable cup, mandy!), but that's what I wanted and what I craved.

But today, my first day back in my little fale (house) in Vava'u, I'm glad that I indulged and went for it. It'll be another 8-9 months before I partake in that sweet goodness once more.

In the meantime I've got some ground coffee that I drink on special occasions and a Disney princess mug that I put it in. Ah. The little things.
So if we were drinking coffee together today using matching Disney mugs (or a Starbucks cup!) here is what I would tell you:
- I'm still working on getting the sleeping medication I took to take the ferry boat out of my system. Even though I've slept 28 of the last 48 hours, I'm still sleepy. Is it possible to sleep too much?

- If you leave a house in the South Pacific for 30 days it's much different than leaving one in America. Even though I spent days cleaning and getting ready for my trip to New Zealand I still came home to rat and lizard poo all over everything. Bleach is my favorite. And guess what else? What wasn't covered with that gooey stuff was covered with centipede and cockroach carcasses. Guess I gotta enjoy this now because this time next year I will be back in America. 

- Naps are the best. I'll probably go and take one after I post this blog.

- That I'm nervous to go back to teaching next week. I know I shouldn't be but the last two months off (yea summer break!) have been wonderful. It's crazy to think that I will work just three (of the four) of the school terms and then head home. I hope my students like the new things that I have planned and that I find joy in teaching the same thing a second time. 

- Planning for the future is hard. Post Peace Corps plans in my life are becoming more real every day and there are just so many choices! It's hard to pick the right one. How do you know you're making the right choice? I'm glad I'll have a few months at the end of the year to hang out with family and friends, but then who knows where the wind will take this girl!

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  1. I recommend San Francisco as your next stop....just sayin' :)