Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Day I Took a 22 Hour Boat Ride - Version 2.0

I've already done this adventure once.
But it's the only way (aside from a little puddle jumper plane) to get off my island. Our MS (Mid-Service) training finished last week so 11 of us hopped on the ferry and geared up for a 22 hour boat ride (silver lining: it was only 20.5 hours!).
Again I was prepared with my sea sickness acupressure point bracelets. Cool girl alert.
This is the line for the ferry. We were one of the first groups let on. There was a lot of people sharing a very small space.
My mood was about equivalent to this kid's most of the time.
There was a lot of waiting, talking, playing cards and sleeping (this time I slept around 18 hours!).
 Glad to be back in my Tongan home now. 
(Even if it's infested with rats who left me nice little presents in my bed...yayyyy)


  1. Dramamine is my friend when I'm on boats like that. When we lived in Alameda, I could handle the half hour ferry from Alameda to San Francisco. When we were in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) during our cruise last year, I could not handle the hour ride to the Marietta Islands or the hour ride back. I learned my lesson after last year and made sure I had the Dramamine this year. I was much happier for that.

  2. I wish I could take a 22-hour boat ride myself! Heh. I need one right now. And at a fundamentally compelling locale, such as the one you went all those nautical miles to. It's really one of the more splendid joys in life, as well as exhilarating. Largely because we don't tend to chart the waters in our lives, and we don't venture into it that much in our daily routine or even work hours and appointments. This is really one of those things you wish you can just keep in your pocket, and get more than enough out of once in your life.