Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Open Letter to My Momma on Mother's Day.

Dear Mom, 
We both know that as a child I may not have appreciated you and your wisdom as much as I could have (or should have). For this, I am so sorry. It's taken moving to three different states and one very tiny island in the South Pacific to really truly begin to understand the things you have taught me. Everything makes a lot more sense now. 
From a very young age you taught me to always look for the positive - the thing to learn in a rocky situation, the silver lining, the smiles. Even when life gets tough, positivity and smiling really go a long way. It has also ensured that my very first old lady wrinkles are pretty awesome looking laugh lines. 
Speaking of laugh lines, I appreciate you constantly waving your freak flag when we were kids and even more so, now. Whether it's lip syncing to Beyonce Knowles in the middle of a department store or doing yoga in the Department of Motor Vehicles while I was trying to get my driver's license, I have always appreciated your goofiness and your confidence (maybe not as a 16-year-old, but I sure do now!). You show everyone your true colors and it is this honesty -  this openness that inspires me. Finally, above all else thank you for helping to cultivate my self-worth.
Growing up I wasn't sure what I wanted to be. As a 9-year-old the plan was to be a tornado chaser (until I saw my very first one) and then I was set on becoming "the next Barbara Walters". It didn't matter what crazy plan I had - you always told me that the sky was the limit. You made me feel special and loved, and also showed me the importance of looking for the beauty in everyone and everything too. In terms of the bigger things in life, you have never forced me to fit into a specific mold - you allow me to be who I am. Thank you for introducing me to yoga and the different ways we can be spiritual. We both know I don't have everything figured out yet and that I'm still growing and finding a path, but I love that I know that no matter which way I choose, you will always be there - my biggest cheerleader, my greatest friend.
I love you, Mom. I love your laugh and how crazy loud it is. I love that every time you cut up an apple, you don't mind when I steal a piece. I love that you still will dance to "I'm a Rover" in the kitchen with me. I love that you are still so in love with Dad. And I love how passionate you are about fakahuhu (breastfeeding). But mostly, I love that you are my mom.

Love always,
Your Panda Bear 

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