Friday, August 1, 2014

Life According to... [Vol. 7]

I work with three teachers at the Government Primary School in Toula.
 Salesi (Charlie in English) is the sole male educator. 

He teaches Class 3 and Class 4 and loves to talk with me about the differences that exist between teaching in Tonga and teaching in America.

What I love about talking with him is that it isn't about figuring out which school system is the best, but talking about what works in each culture.

Here's a little bit about Salesi:
1. Salesi is only a couple years older than I am.
2. He's a family guy - happily married with a cute little daughter.
3. He's proud to be Tongan, yet loves to 'eva (wander/travel).
4. He has a deep respect for Tongan culture and is constantly making sure I kai faka-Tonga (eat like a Tongan - which means about 3 times as much as I normally eat).
5. He loves to be active - he and I worked together with the Ministry of Education to teach many of the Government Primary Schools the ta fuka (zumba dance) when the King came.

I'm very grateful to know him and to have had the opportunity to teach with him the last two years.

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