Friday, August 1, 2014

Camp GLOW/GROW: Fundraising

Working closely with the campers from last year, the counselors chosen for this year's camp and with other host country nationals involved in Camp GLOW and GROW has been such a rewarding experience for Harrison, Joey and I (the co-directors of camp). It's been especially amazing to see how involved and excited these people are about creating and implementing a camp for this year.

Part of the process of preparing for camp for this year is fundraising. Money is spent on guest speakers, lodging and catering for the week of the camp and the supplies/rentals needed to help with Club GLOW/GROW after the camp in 2015. Local fundraising efforts have commenced in the Kingdom of Tonga, but there ways for others to get involved too.
If you're interested in helping with Camp GLOW and Camp GROW this year you can donate here.
Any amount helps! Thank you so much for the consideration.

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