Friday, July 11, 2014

School Break.

After our birthday celebration for the King the students and teachers of my island began a two week break. This malolo (rest) reminds me of winter break back in America and marks the half way (!!) point of the school year. It's just another reminder of how quickly time is flying and that in 3 months I will be returning to America. 

So over the last week I've worked a lot on side projects and had the chance to do a little more exploring than normal.

But my favorite part has definitely been spending time with the people in my village.

Here is a picture walk through the last couple days:
Hanging with two little cuties and talking about the new church hall that was built across the road.

eva (wandering) around.
chatting with Silia under the mango tree 
watching the sun set behind the coconut trees
Happy (almost) weekend to you!

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