Wednesday, June 12, 2013

an exercise in writing lists.

1. I am leaving for America a week from tomorrow. As the date approaches I find myself getting more excited, but also scared out of my mind. What if I have troubles adjusting back to the pace of American life? I'm not joking. Island living makes you slow down and I happen to like that it now takes me about three times as long to walk to town as it used to.
2. The trade winds are here in full force and THAT makes me happy. I have never appreciated a breeze so much in all my life. 
3. As each day here passes I find myself caring less and less about whether or not my outfit matches. As long as my calves and shoulders are covered, that's all that matters. I'm not being lazy. Most Tongans just don't care about this. As long as you look somewhat professional and you're wearing a kiekie it does not matter if you have stripes and polka dots on at the same time.
4. I spent Wednesday walking around Neiafu with Sean. We introduced ourselves to EVERY high school principal and talked with them about Camp GLOW/GROW. It was such a productive day. We even had time for tea at the Youth Congress.
5. I am attempting to grow my own basil in an empty alumninum corned beef can. My thumb isn't green. Which is a reason why I owned so many succulents in the States. It's hard to kill an aloe plant.
6. At lunch on Tuesday I went into the library. One of my students crawled into my lap, another exclaimed "Mandy! Fi ulu!" ("Mandy! I'll braid your hair!"), and another grabbed a book. We spent the better part of an hour reading together, giggling and making the palangi look a little bit more acceptable.
7. I found a place on the island that sells brown rice. This is more exciting than you know. 
8. I accidently killed a blue-tailed skink in my rat trap. I hope that doesn't earn me any negative karma points.
9. I showed Disney's Little Mermaid to my class 5 and 6 students this week. They loved it. And I have figured out that "being grossed out" by kissing when you're 9 or 10 just may be a universal thing. ("'Oku na maholo pe uma, Mandy? Maaaaa-ni!" They might kiss Mandy? Oh jeeeeeez!")
10. Singing with students is the best. Especially with dance moves!

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