Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Interesting Bits

Random bits from my week and my brain:

1. I'm already 1/4 of the way through the school year. It's going crazy fast. (Also, that means I'm 28% of the way through Peace Corps ... excuse me? Hey Time, please slow down).

2. I looked deep into the eyes of a big pig that had somehow snuck on to the school grounds, pointed and yelled "'alu!" (go) and the pig actually left. I didn't even have to chase him.

3. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I watched a Tongan walk up to me in town wearing a red t-shirt with "Wisconsin" on it. #BuckyBadgerRepresentingintheSouthPacific.

4. One of my good friends, Kelly, introduced me to a song by Laura Welsh called "Hollow Drum". I advise you to listen to it ASAP.

5. Indian Apples look like giant green amoebas with spikes and taste like heaven. Tongans use them as medicine. According to my puleako (principal), Indian Apples are used for "diabetes and other illnesses".

6. Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) is starting a boys' camp called Camp GROW (Guys Reshaping Our World). The camp will focus on positive decision making, goal setting and treating women with respect. The camps will run at the same time in different parts of town and the students will come together for certain sessions and work together. (I'll write more soon about this!)

7. I have had three lizards jump on me this week. A local resident of Vava'u told me that it's because I have "unique energy". She told me to research what kind of energy that is - she thinks that maybe I am "very nurturing". That's cool, but I don't need blue-tailed skinks throwing themselves at me.

8. I am headed to Tongatapu (a different island) in two weeks for a Peace Corps training. I need to clean my fale before I leave really well - I don't want any furry critters establishing their homes here like the last time I went out of town.

9. When I have downtime I sometimes watch New Girl (Season 1). Can somebody please tell me how Season 2 is going? Please? Is it any good?

10. Spinach does not exist in Tonga, but pele does. Pele is an 'ifo vegetable that looks a lot like spinach but only tastes like spinach if you cook it. It's especially tasty if you saute it with some onions and oil. My neighbor Noa has beautiful pele plants in her yard and she told me that the next time it rains she is going to transplant one in my yard so I have pele to cook with. I'm beyond pumped about this. SO EXCITED. Three cheers for leafy green vegetables!

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