Friday, April 4, 2014

Rainy Day Ramblings.

This post is going to be all over the place.
View from my front door. 4/1/14.
First, I've been sick for the last four days and today is the first day that I've been upright for more than 20 minutes. Imagine getting every symptom of every flu/virus/bug imaginable and you can very easily describe my last 72 hours. I don't need to go into any more detail than that. It was bad. My fellow teachers and neighbors took care of me - checking to make sure that I had what I needed and that I wasn't passed out next to a cockroach or anything.

Silver lining? I was able to catch up on the entire current season of American Idol and (oh my!) it's good. Honestly, I haven't watched since Kelly Clarkson won which was 10+ years ago so it was fun to get back into it. Harry Connick, Jr. is a hunk and I'm definitely Team Dexter and Team Caleb. Really like those guys. Speaking of American Idol, have you heard Phillip Phillip's "Raging Fire". I know I live under a rock but I don't think it came out that long ago and it's another tune that I like dancing to. My students do too.

Because of being sick, this week was kind of a mess. Monday and Tuesday were normal school days and Wednesday was the GPS Sport Day (click here to read Harrison's perspective). I dressed in green, had my hair braided and rode the bus to the field, but only lasted about 30 minutes before I knew something was wrong. I grabbed a ride back to my house and ended up with a 102 degree fever that kept rising throughout the day.

Other interesting bits?

- Plumming problems. Last week I was checking on a friends' house while they were in Fiji and realized they needed some plumbing issues resolved. I called a plumber who spoke very little English, got him to come over, he fixed the problem and left. 5 minutes later he came back, knocked on the door and decided to take a #2 in the toilet just to make sure his plumbing job worked. Oiaue! Only in Tonga.

- Bye, bye, spider. Last night I killed the biggest spider to date. He was larger than my hand and I have big man hands for a girl. I felt pretty proud. I didn't even scream or yell anything.

- Self acceptance. My mom sent me this great article to read. Thought you might like it too.

- This whole next week we don't have school. I think I'd consider this our "fall break" since the school year only started a couple months ago. The kids are very excited and I'm even more pumped because we have some fun adventures planned as Peace Corps Volunteers and I'm excited to spend more time out and about in my community.

Happy Weekend!

Port of Refuge. Saturday morning 4/5.


  1. Boo for being sick! We've got the sickies in our house, too. Husband has bronchitis, an ear infection, and probably strep. Little Man is a typical three year old and he's the only one not sick. I'm getting what Husband has, I think, but the doctor disagrees...also, Stormageddon is moving around and waking me up at inappropriate hours of the night to have a pee. ::sigh:: I had such high hopes that this one would be as unremarkable as Little Man's...but this one seems hell-bent on making their presence known very early.

    Get better, lady!

    1. Renee! Thanks for commenting! Congrats on the new baby! Email me your address again - I'd love to send something your way. The mail system recently hasn't been cooperating with me from this end so hopefully it'll make it to you. I'm feeling mostly better today - just lying low and hanging out. Miss you! Thanks for the kind thoughts!

  2. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog because I was looking up how to pronounce some Tongan phrases. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading some of your posts. I've been contemplating going into the Peace Corps myself and after reading this, I really want to!