Friday, July 20, 2012

Passports and Aspirations

I am still in the magical land that is summer camp. It's a great place for me right now. I know that if I were home I'd be dwelling on the fact that I am leaving America in just 6ish weeks for my next big adventure. Here, I am required to live in the moment. Not worry about the future or being away from my friends and family or making sure I have all my boxes checked (they will get checked... in time).

I sent my passport to D.C. last week. As a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), I am required to get a special government-issued passport for my 27-months of service. I had my picture taken at the crack of dawn so I look a little wonky (and by wonky I mean that I look a little cross-eyed, disheveled ... not a good picture. At least I don't have to keep the passport for a long time ... oh wait. Derp.)

Currently, I am tweeking my resume and making sure that my aspiration statement is complete. This letter will be read by my country director, as well as the community members I will be working with in Tonga. It will be some of the first information they receive about me... before meeting. I hope they like what they read.

Over the next week I will continue learning Tongan (I can officially count to 10, say "hello", and about 30 other random words...), get a plane ticket to staging (a quick stop in a US city before I take off for the South Pacific), get some financial business sorted out and start with my packing list (apparently I need to bring Leatherman, a hammock and a small non-stick pan... any advice on where to purchase that?).

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